Whats the diagnosis of this raised lesion located over the posterior aspect of the knee?

The lesion, which is elevated and light dark brown in colour, first appeared when she was 3 months of age. At first the lesion blistered recurrently, and it had been treated with topical mupirocin several times. The blistering stopped after three months, but the lesion has persisted. Her parents have noted that from time to time the lesion swells and becomes erythematous, time for normal over about 20 minutes.. A baby with an elevated brown lesion in the leg Test thoroughly your diagnostic skills in our regular dermatology quiz.Most occurred within 1 day of the procedure and resolved typically within a week. Following the treatment period, respiratory-related symptoms were identical between treatment groups. Nearly six months after the procedure, compared to the control group, individuals who received bronchial thermoplasty showed and statistically significant improvements in pulmonary function clinically, quality of asthma and life control.