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This ‘mind flush’ is painful and is experienced as a migraine headaches. It happens in the early morning after a nighttime of brain congestion caused by lying too flat.’ The good news is that scientific research shows that over 70 % of migraines could be eliminated simply by elevating the top of your bed! The NaturalNews Chat Hour is thrilled to feature Sydney Ross Singer and his amazing scientific research entitled, the ‘Migraine Alleviation Project’. Don’t miss this amazing show. This week’s guest: Sydney Ross Singer, Medical Anthropologist Uncover the shocking lifestyle practices that cause migraines, stroke + much more! Sydney Ross Singer is normally a medical anthropologist, the author of many groundbreaking and controversial wellness books, and the director of the Institute for the scholarly research of Culturogenic Disease, located in Hawaii.‘We have to recognize that psychiatric disorders are treatable with psychotherapy and/or medicine. Patients would benefit if we improved linkages between main treatment and specialty mental healthcare so that sufferers are known and accept referrals to mental health specialists, especially when they are chronically ill. ‘Also, we need to improve insurance arrangements so that they encourage more intensive treatment in individuals who remain ill,’ he said. The scholarly research was predicated on data from Health care for Communities, a representative household survey of adults in the usa nationally. The experts analyzed responses from 1,642 adults with major depression or panic disorders.