The recent the recent identification of genes with hearing loss.

More than 100 genes have been found to be associated with hearing loss in connection, but more than half of the children with non-syndromic sensorineural hearing loss will have mutations in only two genes, GJB2 and GJB6 these mutations is the most common cause of hereditary hearing loss. These genes chromosome chromosome 13, and which produce the protein connexin 26, which is present in the cochlea. Connexin 26 gap junctions generated responsible for maintaining potassium levels in the cochlear endolymph.

GJB2/GJB6 families without mutations have clinical genetic evaluations to assess possibility syndrome diagnosis. Other tests can temporal bone computed tomography, evaluation for prenatal infections such as toxoplasmosis, syphilis and cytomegalovirus, renal ultrasound, urinalysis, electrocardiogram, thyroid studies, and ophthalmologic evaluation. But before embarking on extensive diagnostic -ups that show results so far that families need for careful and well presented genetic counseling better understand better understand the test results and future implications of these results.In February of approved by California law and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger require worry.

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