The first approved use of BOTOX.

5 and that modification happened because of BOTOX treatments,’ said Joelle of her experience with the therapy. ‘I’m now back to having far more energy and engaging in the activities that I love.’ BOTOX Research and Development Over the course of twenty years, Allergan, a worldwide world leader in neurotoxin science and botulinum toxin product development, has worked with some of the world’s pre-eminent researchers and physicians to conduct the pivotal medical trials which have demonstrated efficacy and basic safety of BOTOX in the treatment of serious or life altering medical ailments and of BOTOX Cosmetic for aesthetic use. Today, Allergan continues to collaborate with leading academic institutions, researchers, researchers and physicians to explore the entire therapeutic potential of BOTOX with a focus on areas where there is a need for safe and effective new treatment choices that make a meaningful difference to many patients, a lot of whom have no other treatment options.Every full 12 months, APhA conducts its public education marketing campaign, Know Your MEDICINE, Know Your PHARMACIST urging consumers to access know their pharmacist. Conducted throughout the full year, but highlighted specifically in October during the annual American Pharmacists Month celebrations, the campaign underscores the hyperlink between understanding your pharmacist and the safe and effective use of medications. In a recently available Harvard Medical School study, more than 20 percent of first time prescriptions went unfilled. 4 percent and hypertension 28.4 percent. There are several reasons why patients do not consider their medication as prescribed.