The antibody should take a label -Fluorophores.

Access to Optimum Antibody Labeling Results Why Antibody Labeling To be able to visually see the antigen-antibody immune-reaction , the antibody should take a label -Fluorophores, Nanoparticle, Biotin, Enzyme, Oligonucleotide, Liposome. The Choice of Labels Fluorophores, such as FITC, TRITC, DyLight Fluors, green fluorescent protein , R-Phycoerythrin, AMCA dyes, etc ., can be visualized in a fluorescent microscope directly. Nanoparticle, such as for example nanogold, colloidal gold, nanocrystal, etc., can be visualized in the electron microscope without additional treatment. Biotin, such as avidin, Biotin, streptavidin, etc., can be visualized in light, electron and fluorescence microscopy in combination with ABC technique Enzyme, such as HRP, AP, Beta–galactosidease, etc., could be visualized in the light microscope Oligonucleotide enables sensitive immunoassay Liposome has become increasingly more popular highly.