The AMA may also work to educate physicians.

Today, the AMA adopted policy supporting efforts to decrease the price gap between calorie-dense, nutrition-poor foods and nutrition-dense foods to boost health in economically disadvantaged populations naturally. ‘Consuming unhealthy, high fat and high calorie foods escalates the risk for obesity and its health consequences,’ said AMA Table Member Edward L. Langston, M.D.’.. AMA voted to look at new public health policies The American Medical Association voted today at its Annual Conference to adopt the following new public health policies: General public Health Lessons from the Gulf Oil Spill New policy adopted today will pair the AMA with the correct federal agencies to convene an expert panel to address the immediate and long-term human being and environmental health impacts of the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.Michael Honda writes in a U.S. News & World Statement opinion piece. ‘We must continue to discover innovative, targeted solutions in the fight this dreaded disease,’ he continues, adding, ‘There are many folks in Congress who understand this important truth, chief among those are my dear friend Rep. Barbara Lee [D-Calif.], whose upcoming ‘Ending the HIV/AIDS Epidemic Act of 2012′ targets at-risk populations both domestically and internationally.’ Honda concludes, ‘From legislative action on the federal level to grassroots initiatives in state communities, we need to make targeting these grouped communities a top priority to be able to move ahead.