Does Puer increase pressure?

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Does Puer increase pressure?

Puer is a dark-colored tea, but not black, because the manufacturing technology is different. Budget options for this tea are ready-made Puer (Shu) and raw Puer (Shen). Under reduced pressure, the second one is used. Thanks to him, the tissues of the body receive more food, the digestion is normalized to some extent.

Shu Puer can not drink in large quantities. It lowers cholesterol in the blood, is used to prevent vascular and heart disease, removes harmful substances and toxins from the body. Puer raises pressure, therefore at excess of norm or rate there can be a short-term hypertensia. To avoid influence on pressure indicators, drink it not so strong or in the amount of 1-2 cups per day. Use at night is best avoided.

Pressure and Cordiamin

The drug refers to analeptics; it stimulates the CENS and chemoreceptors. This medicine increases blood pressure. Breathing, accordingly, becomes more frequent and deep, consciousness – more clear. Cordiamine can be used with a sharp decrease in blood pressure, for example, with suffocation or fainting.

Cordiamin is available in drops that need to be taken orally. Also available as a solution that is injected. Take drops 1-3 times a day for 20-40 drops. A injection (in the muscles, in the veins) is introduced in an amount of 1 to 2 ml. Among the side effects caused by overdose, the researchers called overexcitation and convulsions. You can not prescribe this drug yourself!

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