S Basic Cancer Study Fellowship Program for 2015.

‘Our collaboration with the AACR underscores Bayer's continuous dedication to advancing study in neuro-scientific oncology.’ The 2015 recipients of the AACR-Bayer Health care Basic Cancer Research Fellowships are Mario A. Shields, PhD, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in Cool Spring Harbor, NY, and Michelle P. Cicchini, PhD, the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Each grant will provide $55,000 for just one year, july 1 beginning, 2015. Bayer and AACR will continue their partnership in 2016, where two new fellowship opportunities will be available: the AACR-Bayer Health care Prostate Cancer Study Fellowship and the AACR-Bayer Health care Hepatocellular Carcinoma Analysis Fellowship.Only 4 percent of the aneurysms in our study were found in individuals who had a history of subarachnoid hemorrhage, and it was therefore difficult to assess the influence of the factor on the risk of rupture. We analyzed the chance of rupture per aneurysm, whereas previous research documenting an elevated risk among patients with multiple aneurysms have analyzed the rate of rupture per individual. With the latter technique, the risk among individuals with multiple aneurysms would be at least double the risk among patients with an individual aneurysm; therefore, the risky of rupture reported previously for individuals with multiple aneurysms may reflect the cumulative risk of rupture as opposed to the risk per aneurysm.