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Among blacks, 30.2 % of those who didn’t attend college had gone to prison by 1999 and 58.9 % of black senior high school dropouts born from 1965 through 1969 had served time in state or federal prison by their early 30s. ‘More strikingly than patterns of military enlistment, college or marriage graduation, prison time differentiates the young adulthood of black males from the life course of white males. Imprisonment is now a common lifestyle event for a whole demographic group,’ said Becky Pettit, among the study’s authors and a University of Washington associate professor of sociology.High incidence of the condition, unmet clinical needs, and huge industrial potential are attracting drug developers to the marketplace. To stay competitive, individuals are focussing on determining new targets, enhancing general survival at the early treatment stage, and reducing toxicity. New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, Pipeline and Product Analysis of the Global Colorectal Cancers Market, discovers that advanced targeted therapies are dominating the colorectal cancer tumor pipeline, accounting for 60 % of the medications under development. New solutions must contend with well-established products and therefore, need to demonstrate superior profiles in terms of disease-free survival, time to progression, and overall survival rates.