We are pleased that we can provide comfort to first responders employed in smoky and dusty conditions with quality eye care products, said Brent Saunders, CEO, Allergan. REFRESH®may be the number one doctor recommended brand of artificial tears, and we hope this philanthropic program provides much-needed relief to the women and males who keep us safe and sound. Being within an environment with conditions that are severely dry, dusty and windy may result in development of Dry Vision symptoms.[1]REFRESH OPTIVE®Advanced Lubricant Eye Drops, also available in a preservative-free formula, provide long-lasting relief through an innovative, triple-actions formula.7 Harmful Myths about Antibiotics Many American Are Dangerously Misinformed about Antibiotics. Are You? ‘It sounds high,’ stated Keith Rodvold, a professor of pharmacy practice at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The statement released Wednesday provides first comprehensive look at using these medicines atlanta divorce attorneys state and discovers it highest in the South and Appalachia. West Virginia acquired the highest rates at 1.237 prescriptions per person, followed by Kentucky at 1.232 and Tennessee at 1.199.