Pregnancy Complications May Be Linked to Later CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE: MONDAY.

In this study, researchers analyzed decades of data gathered from about 15,000 females who became pregnant in the Oakland, Calif., metropolitan region between 1959 and 1967. Overall, 64 % of the mothers had no complications, 31 % experienced a single complication, and 5 % had two or more complications. The most typical complication was gestational high blood pressure, followed by preterm delivery, low-birth-weight delivery, and hemoglobin decline . As of 2011, 368 women in the study had died of heart disease. The experts compared the women’s heart health background to the problems they experienced during pregnancy, to see whether any complications provide a warning of future heart problems.Pelvic ultrasonography uncovered a hypoplastic uterus and ovaries lacking follicles. The proband’s affected sisters also had no spontaneous breast advancement. Clinical features including measures of development, pubertal indexes, and circulating hormone concentrations in the proband and her affected sisters are demonstrated in Table 1Table 1Clinical and Hormonal Characteristics of the Proband and Her Affected Sisters. The pedigree of the family is shown in Figure 1AFigure 1Pedigree and Luteinizing Hormone Profiles of the Proband’s Family. All four affected sisters were in any other case healthy and had a normal sense of smell.