More Cavities Observed in Children of Chronically Stressed Moms: FRIDAY.

More Cavities Observed in Children of Chronically Stressed Moms: – FRIDAY, Sept . 18, 2015 – – Dental care cavities are more common among kids whose mothers suffer from chronic tension, according to a new study. A mother’s chronic stress is also associated with lower odds of breast-feeding and fewer oral visits for their children, the researchers found. ‘Plan that aims to boost dental health, particularly the prevalence of cavities among children, should include interventions to improve the standard of life of mothers,’ said the study’s co-author, Dr. Wael Sabbah, from the Dental care Institute at King’s College London.

Advancements in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer have reduced the entire death rate of the disease, but this positive pattern is less apparent among black women, the researchers described. Black women with breasts cancer in the United States are 40 % more likely to die from their disease than white women, a disparity that can’t be explained solely by sociable and economic elements, such as income, access and insurance to care, the study authors said in the news release. For the scholarly research, the investigators analyzed genetic differences between the tumors of 105 black ladies and 664 white women identified as having cancer between 1988 and 2013, to regulate how genes could influence cancer recurrence. The same five tumor-specific mutations were most prevalent among all of the women included in the study, but more black women had tumors driven by TP53 mutation.