Minister Dosanjh made this announcement in a speech to the Nursing Leadership Conference.

‘These investments in Canada’s nurses send out a clear signal that people want you to be healthy and we wish your work environments to be healthful,’ said Minister Dosanjh. ‘As Canada’s Wellness Minister, I know that nurses are essential to the continuing future of our health care program. I also understand I possibly could not find more committed or caring partners inside our national efforts to really improve health care for Canadians.’.. $5.53 million to greatly help strengthen Canada’s nursing workforce Canadian Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh has announced federal funding of $5.53 million to help strengthen Canada’s nursing workforce spending tribute to the critical role nurses play in Canada’s healthcare system.Returning once again to the Redford Township District Library, the 2nd Annual ‘Artwork of Community’ will show a public showing of this season's creations. Erik Burris , a program intern at DCI and a Masters Level Applicant from the University Of Michigan School Of Social Work, who served as co-chair for this initiative, stated ‘The children, adults, and families who participated in the workshops consistently expressed how this knowledge allowed them to utilize their creativity and talents.’ Fellow DCI Intern, U of M Masters applicant and co-chair Lindi Kanine also added ‘Most of the youth who participated in the workshops no more had art programs in their schools. The creative process was so enjoyable and organic for everyone. It was a great outlet and amazing to see.’ Participants now look forward to showing and celebrating their artistic achievements with the general public at the Redford Township District Library on Wednesday, May 8th from 4:00 to 7:00pm.