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For women with ovarian estrogen production after chemotherapy, we’d hypothesized that therapeutic ovarian suppression would give a benefit similar compared to that noticed with chemotherapy-induced amenorrhea.5-7 Resilience of ovarian function to chemotherapy correlates with young age. Chemotherapy-induced ovarian suppression can be common in old premenopausal women and is connected with improved breast-malignancy outcomes.5-7 The SOFT design for the chemotherapy cohort targeted young individuals by mandating that only women who remained premenopausal or reverted to premenopausal status could be enrolled.This attitude of healthy cancer community and survivorship advocacy are highlighted throughout the weekend. I had the amazing opportunity to attend Lifestyle Beyond Cancer in 2001, said Darlene Faulk, breast malignancy survivor from Bozeman, Mont. It had been a life-changing experience that motivated me professionally as a rn, personally as a breasts cancer survivor, and politically as a volunteer and advocate for cancer care needs in my own rural community. This special retreat presents women a chance to restoration their souls, while inspiring them to boost the global world around them, says Ann Wolford, executive director of the Life Beyond Cancer Foundation. It is also a chance for nurses, social physicians and workers for connecting with the needs of patients on a personal, more insightful level, permitting them to return to their careers rested, inspired and filled with fresh ideas on how best to enhance the journey for cancer patients and their own families.