Martin Tauschmann.

Hood Thabit, M .D., Martin Tauschmann, M.D., Janet M. Allen, R.N., Lalantha Leelarathna, Ph.D., Sara Hartnell, B.Sc., Malgorzata E. Wilinska, Ph.D., Carlo L. Acerini, M.D., Sibylle Dellweg, M.D., Carsten Benesch, Ph.D., Lutz Heinemann, Ph.D., Julia K. Mader, M.D., Manuel Holzer, M.Sc., Harald Kojzar, B.Sc., Jane Exall, R.N., James Yong, M.D., Jennifer Pichierri, M.Sc., Katharine D.

Study Treatments Patients were randomly assigned to get either 20 percent albumin and crystalloid answer or crystalloid alternative alone from randomization until day 28 or discharge from the ICU, whichever came initial. During the early phase of volume resuscitation, liquids were administered in both combined groups according to early goal-directed therapy.15 After randomization, patients in the albumin group received 300 ml of 20 percent albumin solution. From time 1 until day 28 or ICU discharge , 20 percent albumin was administered on a daily basis, to maintain a serum albumin level of 30 g per liter or more. In both groups, crystalloids were administered whenever it had been clinically indicated by the attending physician.