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Just this year, the Food and Drug Administration licensed shingles vaccine for people 60 years and over after a large-scale clinical study conducted in collaboration with NIAID showed that the vaccine could reduce the expected number of shingles cases by half in this age group. Dr. Says some people who are most vulnerable to shingles – people with AIDS and others who are severely immunocompromised – can not vaccinated, because it is made from a live virus découverte de sildénafil .

Drs Li and Cohen also found that of the of the virus-cell-to-cell spread by the addition of compounds, the E – glycoprotein prevents degrading the binding of insulin enzyme. Such a compound was the common topical antibacterial agent bacitracin. Although the amount of bacitracin needed to effectively interact in the laboratory would be too high to take safe for humans, the finding suggests the new receptor could be a valid target for new shingles and chickenpox treatments.

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