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911 call: Nurse won’t give dying woman CPR Officials possess released a dramatic 911 call between an emergency dispatcher and a nurse at a retirement home. In the recording, a nurse can be heard refusing to provide CPR to a dying girl . When the dispatcher asks, ‘Is definitely she breathing?’ the caller replies, ”Is she breathing?’ Barely.’ Inside a Bakersfield, Calif., retirement house, an 87-year-old female lay unresponsive. However when the 911 dispatcher says to start out CPR, the nurse on the other end of the relative range refuses. The nurse can be heard saying, ‘Yeah, we can’t do CPR as of this facility.’ The dispatcher says, ‘OK, then hand the phone to the passerby.

The Pampers Nappies Sleep Report, which was conducted in conjunction with Tresillian Family Care Centers, conducted this study where they discovered that one in three mothers were unable to cope with the strain of sleepless nights and it had been affecting their relationships. An interview with Dr EbrahimGood rest patterns are good for your heart70 percent mothers admitted that lack of sleep made them irritable and made it tough for them to cope with life and also be a good and a far more attentive mother to their kids. Almost 40 percent toddlers over 1. 5 years woke at least once a night. One in six woke at least thrice or even more per night says the analysis.