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And foremost First, the oxygen content material of The acai berry is much greater than any various other series like strawberries, blueberries etc. It is a well known fact that the main cause of center related ailments and diseases is the inflammation caused due to fat oxidation. Acai berries reduce that. Moreover, inculcating the acai berry in one’s regular peach mango smoothie can be a very healthful addition to it and in addition improve someone’s gut health insurance and digestion. The acai berry inculcated in peach mango smoothie can also be a blessing to one’s skin as the acai berry are known to improve one’s pores and skin texture, making it much smoother. Its anti aging properties are far more advanced than any other berries.But Brittain initial showed in tests with isolated cells that young red bloodstream cells would interact with white bloodstream cells and form aggregates with them. After that, she appeared for such clumps in blood samples from 14 people who have sickle cell disease. All of the patient samples studied acquired clumps, while some had only a few, while others had thousands. She didn’t see clumps in samples from patients without sickle cell disease. Brittain said other researchers may possess disrupted the aggregates because bloodstream collection tubes usually contain an anticoagulant that ties up calcium, which frequently is important in cell adhesion.