Here are the some of the tips to reduce the hair loss.

Avoid combing your hair when it’s wet. 4. Allow your hair air-dry as much as you can. It is quite feasible to thin your hair easily breakable while heating system. 5. Try to use the right type of shampoo which suits your hair, to maintain your hair healthful and strong for long time. Avoid hard shampoos make use of milder ones instead. 6. Massage your hair regularly to stimulate bloodstream circulation and use locks oils like coconut, amla, olive and also raspberry hair oil which helps to grow your hair.Refractive errors were often the cause of less serious visual impairments. Other common treatable or preventable factors behind visual impairment included problems from diabetes, trachoma and the parasite onchocerciasis, which is transmitted to human beings through the bite of a dark fly and is definitely prevalent in Africa. ‘The high proportion of avoidable blindness – implies that appropriate and accessible refraction and surgical solutions need to be provided,’ the report says.