He is currently serving a prison sentence at HMP Woodhill.

In May 2006 Geen was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of two patients Horton General Hospital and cause serious injury to another 15 elderly patients. He is currently serving a prison sentence at HMP Woodhill. – Chairman of the committee, said Elizabeth Rush:.


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Presentation. Room 103 of Australia ‘s leading meeting cancer experts Clinical Oncological Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting Sydney Convention Centre – 18 November-20, 2008source Cancer Council,Killer Nurse Struck Off, UKBenjamin David Geen, a 26 – year-old nurse from Milton Keynes was struck from the register after a previous conviction for murder patients.Show at Milton Keynes Magistrates Court in the company of a prison guard Geen was found guilty of misconduct by a panel of the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s Professional Conduct Committee..Artal recommended that uncomplicated pregnancies, all women, even those that are overweight, should to get involved in physical activity.

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