Has undergone numerous preclinical tests which have confirmed its principle of action.

For example, as a so-known as neuroprotective factor, the person in this protein family known as beta-syn is very important to a healthy body. A vaccination targeted at reducing alpha-syn must be sure that the triggered antibody immune response specifically addresses alpha-syn therefore, but leaves beta-syn untouched. Our AFFITOM technology allows us to develop vaccines that warranty this high level of specificity to alpha-syn. During 2010 we will comprehensive the preliminary function for the clinical trial .Specifically, the analysis suggests the next: Individuals who drink alcohol, particularly late into the night, may not respond to important light cues to keep their biological clocks in synch with daylight over another a day. Even low degrees of alcohol might impair the response to light cues, said Ruby. After the first a day, the circadian cycle continues to be affected, even without further consumption of alcohol. Exposure to shiny light in the first morning may reduce the disruption of alcoholic beverages to the biological time clock.