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‘300,000 molecules have been screened using the EGEE grid. Of the, 123 potential inhibitors had been identified, of which seven have been shown to act as inhibitors in in-vitro laboratory tests. That is a six % success rate compared to typical values of around 0.1 % using classical medication discovery methods.’.. 40,000 computers used to tackle bird flu browsing for new anti-viral drug discoveries Last month a collaboration of European and Asian researchers launched a new attack against the deadly bird flu virus, harnessing the combined power greater than 40,000 computers across 45 countries to improve the pace of anti-viral drug discovery. Called Enabling Grids for E-sciencE, the computing grid connects regular PCs to form a super-sized supercomputer that is being used during this problem to analyse the potential greater than 500,000 drug-like molecules over the next few weeks.The research team examined extracts in the main of the Paullinia pinnata plant on wounds in rats. They found the extracts to work and anti-bacterial against certain strains of MRSA. In addition, the extracts were discovered to are an antioxidant, which helps in the healing up process by boosting the immune system and helping the growth of fresh cells. Pharmacist Kofi Annan, member of the Pharmacognosy Research Group at the Division of Pharmacy, King’s College London said that the results were ‘excellent’. ‘This plant has never been researched scientifically,’ he explains. ‘We were amazed and excited by the results and believe the Paullinia pinnata root could contain the key to the future treatment of MRSA.’.

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