Gov blog publishes posts leading up to World AIDS Day On December 1 Leading up to World AIDS Day.

Levels, we are able to foster functioning wellness systems with country sustainability and ownership, and reach our goal of an AIDS-free era . Gayle Smith and Grant Colfax: Smith, special assistant to the President and senior director at the National Security Council, and Colfax, director of the working office of National AIDS Plan, review what's been achieved [in 2012] and what remains to be done to meet the goal of an AIDS-free era. They highlight upcoming World AIDS Day occasions, the XIX International Helps Conference kept in Washington, D.C., july in, ongoing partnerships, and progress in addressing the epidemic domestically. They conclude, More must be achieved in the domestic and global fight HIV.The American Center Association and the American University of Cardiology in 2013 unveiled a new risk calculator for cardiovascular disease, which the task force used in making its recommendations, Antman said. People within their 50s who have a 10 % or greater threat of developing cardiovascular disease over the following 10 years and are not at increased risk for bleeding have the very best chance of benefitting from 81 milligrams of aspirin taken each day, the duty force concluded. If your cardiovascular risk calculation turns out to be 10 % or greater, that is clearly a signal you ought to have a conversation together with your physician about the dangers and benefits of low-dose aspirin and be it right for you personally, Antman said.