Fewer Seniors Fall While Taking Vitamin D: Research: THURSDAY.

Every year, about one-third of seniors who live at home suffer falls, and about one in 10 falls results in serious injury, the researchers say.. Fewer Seniors Fall While Taking Vitamin D: Research: – THURSDAY, Aug. 20, 2015 – – Delivering vitamin D products to homebound seniors might help lower their risk of falls, a fresh study suggests. Previous research has discovered vitamin D plays an important role in maintaining muscle strength, plus some studies have suggested vitamin D can help prevent falls, researchers say. Supplement D is found in such foods as cheese, yogurt, egg yolks and beef liver, and your skin produces the vitamin when subjected to sunlight naturally.THE BUSINESS is enrolling individuals in two Phase II clinical trials currently, one in ovarian one and cancer in mind and neck cancer, and plans to initiate a number of additional Phase II trials, including one in colorectal cancers in 2007.

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