FDA Approves Repatha for High Cholesterol: FRIDAY.

The injected drug, among a new class called PCSK9 inhibitors, is sanctioned for people who are unable to reduce degrees of the so-called LDL ‘bad’ cholesterol with statin therapy and exercise, the agency said in a news release. Low-density lipoprotein, commonly known as LDL, accumulates in the blood from natural and food sources, and is a leading cause of cardiovascular disease. About one in four deaths in the United States is linked to cardiovascular disease, making it the very best cause of death among women and men.Debate This case report describes the clinical presentation of neutrophilic meningitis within an immunocompetent man that did not improve despite broad-spectrum antibiotic therapy. Bacteria, particularly Streptococcus pneumoniae and Neisseria meningitidis, account for almost all cases of acute neutrophilic meningitis.2 Persistent neutrophilic meningitis is a syndrome defined by clinical meningitis, cerebrospinal fluid pleocytosis with more than 50 percent polymorphonuclear cells, elevated protein levels, and low glucose levels for more than 7 days despite appropriate empirical antimicrobial therapy.3 The differential diagnosis of persistent neutrophilic meningitis is broad and includes both infectious and noninfectious causes. Among the most common infectious causes are atypical bacterial organisms, such as for example nocardia and actinomyces, and fungal organisms, including candida, aspergillus, and mucorales .3 In this case, a wide evaluation for potential factors behind persistent neutrophilic meningitis was conducted, and ultimately, fungal cultures of the cerebrospinal fluid from the first day of the second hospital admission grew A.