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Cross posted from Nature’s The Great Beyond blog ed drugs . Long derided by much of the mainstream medical community, acupuncture may have just got a little bit less alternative. Despite a large number of years of anecdotal evidence claiming benefits in dealing with ailments from allergy symptoms to hiccups, acupuncture faces two big difficulties to acceptance in mainstream medication: most medical trials have found no evidence of efficacy; and there is absolutely no scientifically accepted system for the way the treatment could work. Many researchers presume that any benefits are down to the placebo effect. Read the remaining post on THE FANTASTIC Beyond.

The new study suggests kids either did not play the active games at the same level of intensity as in the earlier lab experiments, or they chose to be less energetic at other occasions of the entire day to pay for the improved activity, according to WebMD. ‘The take-house message is definitely that on a people basis, it looks like using active video gaming is not an effective way to getting kids to be more energetic,’ ‘ Dr. Christina Suh, a pediatrician at Children’s Medical center Colorado who was not involved in the research, told HealthDay.