Beneath the guise of individual education.

AIDS Healthcare Base blasts GlaxoSmithKline print advertisements that promote fear of HIV treatment AIDS Healthcare Base is blasting British multi-national medication giant GlaxoSmithKline for a recent series of direct-to-consumer print advertisements that, beneath the guise of individual education, capitalize on individuals’ fears of HIV treatment canadian pharmacy . In a 30th letter to Mike Leavitt July, Secretary of the U.S. Section of Health insurance and Human Solutions , AHF President Michael Weinstein noted: The attached print ad is the most egregious exemplory case of this type of advertising. This ad is designed to instill fear in the minds of AIDS sufferers by telling them that switching Helps treatment may lead to increased side-effects and potentially treatment failing.

The films will be available in September for broadcast across MTV International’s network of television stations, mobile TV channels, broadband services and Internet sites. They shall be compiled into a 30-minute documentary, titled Staying Alive – – 48fest . Nigeria: Access to Health Care for folks COPING WITH AIDS, Physicians for Individual Rights: The study, presented Thursday at the conference, finds that although healthcare companies in Nigeria provide treatment to HIV-positive people frequently, some suppliers discriminate against people coping with conduct and HIV/AIDS unethical practices, including performing HIV-tests without consent and releasing confidential medical information without permission.