Based on the latest government statistics.

$70 million boost will help fight AIDS in Kenya Kenya has been given $70 million from the Global Fund to invest in programmes providing antiretroviral drugs to people coping with HIV. Based on the latest government statistics, the east African nation comes with an approximated 1.3 million people living with the virus despite the prevalence for AIDS dropping from 14 % in 2000 to 6.9 % in 2006. In June this year Kenya’s President Mwai Kibaki promised the government would start providing free ARVs to federal government hospitals and health centres, and currently 120, 000 people are receiving the life span prolonging drugs. Related StoriesGenvoya approved as complete program for HIV treatmentHIV, Ebola appear to be of animal originDengue-infected sufferers with few or no symptoms transmit virus to mosquitoesHowever there are not more than enough ARVs in public health centres and many Kenyans who live on significantly less than one dollar a time cannot afford to buy the drugs in hostipal wards.It’s these essential fatty acids that help control the creation of androgens – the hormones that surge through the teen-age times, which in turn causes excess sebum essential oil to clog your locks follicle and donate to creating your acne. The three fatty acids you will need are omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9. You need more omega 6, olive oil, than omega 3. When you are deficient in the fundamental fatty acids, you will have, A weaken immune system Inflammatory disorders Poor skin Skin eruptions that won’t heal Increase sebum production causing acne Sebaceous glands size increase Eating essential natural oils is necessary to provide the proper oils that are used in the sebaceous glands.