ASU professor to receive $6 Synthroid.

ASU professor to receive $6 Synthroid .25M basic research award in DoD’s MURI program Arizona State University professor Hao Yan, an innovator in the field of nanotechnology, has been selected to get a five-12 months, $6.25 million preliminary research award under the Department of Defense’s Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative program. The highly competitive MURI program will award a total of $155 million over the next five years for 23 studies, subject to the availability of federal appropriations. The power of ASU to effectively compete amongst the nation’s best researchers speaks volumes about the product quality and recognition of Hao Yan’s innovative function and the talents of the study group he has assembled, said ASU President Michael Crow.

ATMs as Dirty seeing that Toilets, But Don’t Panic Call it dirty money. A new record out of Britain statements that ATMs are as filthy as open public toilets and researchers say they have the microbes to verify it. We were surprised by our results because the ATM devices were been shown to be greatly contaminated with bacteria; to the same level as nearby general public toilets, Dr. Richard Hastings informed the Daily Mail. Hastings is usually a microbiologist for BioCote, a company that makes an anti-bacterial covering that one assumes works well on ATMs. So there exists a vested interest in the total results. The ongoing company told the Daily Mail, they got swabs from ATMs, public toilets and eight other places Britons thought were disgustingly dirty, including subway seats, general public telephones and bus stops.