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The robotic hands and their precise actions offer a safer, even more hygienic surgical procedure, removing malignant cells without damaging the healthful ones. This reduces the probability of relapse also. Minimal Scarring Surgeries are known to leave prominent scars on the skin, most of which don’t completely go away as time passes. Traditional or laparoscopic prostatectomy too leaves marks on the low abdomen. With the advent of robotics medical procedures, incisions heal quicker and leave little to no scars. Small precise incision and minimal scar tissue build-up ensures quicker healing and lesser problems. Robotics is utilized for many kinds of surgeries, like cancer in the bladder or kidney.Army Reserves retired in 2002 with the rank of colonel. Recognized for excellence in important treatment nursing with a special commendation from the U.S. Army Surgeon General, she gained the Army Commendation Medal for meritorious support to the 4215th U.S. Army Hospital USAR, Richmond, Va., mainly because its first chief nurse. Grap, associate editor of the bimonthly journal American Journal of Important Care since 2003, acts on the editorial plank for the international Intensive and Critical Treatment Nursing Journal, published in britain, and as a contributing author on pulse oximetry for AACN Protocols for Practice: Noninvasive Monitoring. A prolific author with more than 50 articles, she wrote an AACN Practice Alert on oral treatment also.

Aetna, Banner Health Network enter accountable treatment collaboration Aetna today announced an accountable treatment collaboration with Banner Wellness Network and the introduction of Aetna Entire HealthSM, a new commercial healthcare product that delivers members usage of highly coordinated treatment from physicians and facilities in the Banner Health Network.