Announced a strategic collaboration centered on the development today.

Additional details of the agreement possess not really been disclosed. We very pleased to be entering into this strategic collaboration with Saneca, said George Svokos, Senior Vice President and Chief Industrial Officer, AMRI. This alliance we can not only expand our portfolio of managed substance APIs, but it addittionally we can be fully integrated with a competitive price structure. Collaborating with AMRI will allow us to mutually benefit from our strengths and capabilities in developing and manufacturing controlled substance APIs, additional strengthening and accelerating our ability to expand into new marketplaces with existing and new opium-derived products, stated Anthony Sheehan, Group CEO, Saneca. Coupled with its robust operating techniques and strong quality management systems, the main element to AMRI's success is its unique capability to implement and validate a different selection of technical processes at their U.S.Six of the seven countries with the highest mortality due to rotavirus diarrhea can be found in Africa. 2 Likewise, data generated from global rotavirus surveillance systems highlight the burden of hospitalizations for rotavirus3; among small children hospitalized for acute diarrhea, the median recognition rate for rotavirus was 40 percent globally and 41 percent in Africa. Therefore, actions to prevent rotavirus diarrhea in African children are urgently needed. Vaccines represent the best hope for avoiding the severe consequences of rotavirus infection, specifically in impoverished regions where resources and usage of care may be limited.