An editorial in Tanzania&39.

Africa’s agricultural sector must be developed to be able to address food security issues With food security now on the global agenda, the world is turning to African agriculture as the response to the question of how exactly we feed the future, an editorial in Tanzania's Daily News says. The editorial highlights the African Green Revolution Forum , held in Arusha last month, and notes, The forum decided that in order to come up with concrete action programs for developing the continent's agricultural sector, smallholder farmers have a crucial role to play and therefore should be at the center of most key decisions.Tait notes that the consequences are reflected by these statistics of both competition and socioeconomic status. When socioeconomic position is held constant Even, disparities remain: The normal tab on medical treatment for African-Americans studied is more than $4,000 less than for Caucasians. The settlement award ‘s almost $3,000 lower for African-Americans. The researchers discovered that African-Us citizens also were significantly less most likely than Caucasians to become diagnosed with a disc injury or to undergo surgery. Individuals who had claims and surgery for disk accidents incurred higher treatment costs, had more compensated function absences, longer claim intervals and greater disability rankings and larger settlement awards. There was little if any connection between legal representation and medical expenditures or case settlement, the researchers noted.