AMGA calls for separate SGR pool for ACOs Donald W.

AMGA calls for separate SGR pool for ACOs Donald W. Fisher, PhD, CAE President and CEO of the American Medical Group Association , today announced its policy stance on the pending Congressional actions to address the Medicare sustainable growth rate formula issue for doctors ed pills . The SGR is a fatally flawed tool which has never been conveniently redressed by policymakers, stated Fisher, but we enjoy Congress’ continuing actions to make sure Medicare beneficiaries’ access to care. But lurching from one patch to another is a difficult way to run a federal program that requires the confidence of sufferers and physicians alike.

SOURCE AMICAS, Inc.. AMICAS announces new agreement with Asheville Radiology Associates AMICAS, Inc. , a leader in information and image administration solutions, today announced a fresh contract with Asheville Radiology Associates . This agreement allows Asheville Radiology to make use of AMICAS Financials for radiology billing, AMICAS Dashboards for business cleverness, and AMICAS Patient Providers) and AMICAS Payer Providers) for streamlining their radiology billing procedures. Asheville Radiology includes 37 radiologists and five vascular surgeons and provides three imaging centers located in Asheville. The biggest radiology practice of its kind in western NEW YORK, Asheville Radiology offers a wide range of imaging services, including women’s imaging, CT, interventional radiology, MRI, neuroradiology, nuclear medicine, body imaging, musculoskeletal radiology, and vascular ultrasound.