Although it is a major medical condition associated with aging.

For years, we haven't known why. Through our study with mice, we have now know this disorder can occur normally and independent of another disease. Our next step is to review this model to determine why age-related dysphagia, also called presbyphagia, occurs and identify methods to prevent it. People with presbyphagia generally experience slow, uncoordinated and delayed swallowing that compromises airway function. This puts older people at risk for developing life-threatening malnutrition and aspiration pneumonia, which is caused when saliva or food is breathed in to the lungs or airways. These dangers are increased when a person has an existing health condition, such as a neurodegenerative disease, head and neck cancer, or a significant surgery.Once the Foundation provides demonstrated that the residencies meet up with the ACGME criteria, the Foundation shall connect with the ACGME to accredit them. The ABAM Foundation’s purpose is certainly to establish and accredit addiction medicine training applications and support the objective of the American Plank of Addiction Medicine . ABAM’s mission is to improve the standard of treatment in the medical specialty of addiction medicine, establish standards and procedures, and certify doctors as professionals in this specific field of medical practice. ABAM’s goal is to get a member board of the American Board of Medical Specialties certify physicians in addiction medication.