Agilent introduces OpenLAB chromatography data system Agilent Technology Inc.

Agilent OpenLAB CDS supports liquid and gas chromatographs from multiple vendors plus Agilent’s marketplace leading LC-MS Solitary Quad and Capillary Electrophoresis Instrumentation. This gives customers even more choice and provides a path for labs that are thinking about switching from various other data systems. Related StoriesMagnetizing biomolecules: an interview with Dr. Fred Whipple, AMSBIOThanks to OpenLAB’s versatile architecture, customers can level from individual workstations through networked workstations, to business distributed data systems with non-disruptive and easy transitions.Analysis of CSF showed 109 leukocytes per cubic millimeter , 0 red cells, a protein degree of 162 mg per deciliter, and a glucose level of 17 mg per deciliter . The level of angiotensin-switching enzyme in CSF was elevated at 7.2 U per liter . A repeat MRI of the head at day time 13 showed persistent hyperintensities in the basal ganglia and interval advancement of basilar leptomeningitis extending into the cerebral hemispheres . Given these MRI results and having less scientific improvement, a biopsy of the right frontal lobe was performed 2 weeks after admission.