After nationwide Ebola lockdown.

After nationwide Ebola lockdown, Sierra Leone regroups FREETOWN, Sierra Leone – Roads in Sierra Leone’s capital bustled once again Mon after an unprecedented nationwide shutdown where officials said more than 1 million households were checked for Ebola patients and given information on the deadly disease . However the government delayed an announcement on what many new cases have been discovered. The national health system, currently hit by the Ebola deaths of many leading doctors and many nurses, will be strained if many additional sufferers were found further.

We are honored that the South African Doping Control Laboratory selected Agilent to help ensure a level playing field and fair competition at the 2010 World Cup. .. Agilent Technologies determined as main provider of gas-phase testing instruments for 2010 2010 World Cup Agilent Systems Inc. The South African Doping Control Laboratory is certainly certified by the World Anti-Doping Agency and will be responsible for all doping testing during the competition. Agilent offers five GC/MSD systems and an Agilent 7000 Series Triple Quadrupole GC/MS system. Agilent technicians will provide technical support through the entire event. The usage of the 7000 Series Triple Quadrupole GC/MS system from Agilent has elevated the typical of doping tests to a higher level, stated Dr.