Advaxis collaborates with UBC to develop live attenuated Listeria vaccines Advaxis.

Kees Leenhouts, MucosisThe same immune-stimulating properties that are under advancement at Advaxis to build up live Listeria vaccines as safe and effective therapies for the treatment of cancer, may have program for the treatment of infectious disease also. Dr. Kollmann can be an immunologist and neonatal vaccinologist who offers released extensively on the usage of Listeria vaccines as potential therapeutic brokers for the treating childhood diseases. Beneath the terms of this collaboration, Dr. Kollmann will use Advaxis proprietary Listeria vaccine vectors for the development of novel infectious disease applications, and employ a post-doctoral fellow who’ll be focused on the creation and evaluation of novel infectious disease vaccines and new delivery types of live attenuated Listeria vaccines..The new research showed that whenever these cells are overactive, they can destroy healthy kidney tissue. Professor Aitman, who led the Medical Analysis Council team, said: We are hoping that this discovery allows us to locate a fresh and effective method of treating this possibly fatal form of kidney failing. By reducing the activity of the Jund gene, we were able to reduce activity of inflammatory cells that can become overactive using diseases of the kidney. Such a therapy will be of obvious advantage to patients experiencing auto-immune illnesses such as for example lupus. This would allow them to avoid dialysis and keep maintaining their standard of living. .

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