Acurian announces opted-in data source for minority patient recruitment Acurian.

Our customers are wanting to enroll minorities to ensure their trials represent diverse demographics. Through our opted-in database and e-recruitment initiatives, we’ve been very effective in reaching ethnically varied patients in a timely manner. Despite a common misperception that minorities are reticent about trial medical participation, Acurian has garnered high response prices to study opportunities among African Hispanic and American populations. The company’s proprietary, opted-in patient database includes an optional ethnicity field, that allows the company to reach minorities.Patients who met the criteria for response in the open-label phase had been qualified to receive enrollment in the 39-week, randomized, double-blind phase. At week 0 of the double-blind phase, individuals who had acquired a response in the open-label phase were randomly designated through a centralized system, in a 1:1:1 ratio, to one of three treatment groupings: a group that received etanercept at a dose of 25 mg, administered as a subcutaneous injection, plus oral methotrexate ; a group that received a placebo subcutaneous injection plus oral methotrexate ; or a group that received a placebo subcutaneous injection plus oral placebo capsules . Glucocorticoid rescue therapy was required in individuals who did not meet up with the criterion for low disease activity at week 4 or week 12 of the double-blind stage.