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Twenty-six heads of state convened the initial working program of the African Leaders Malaria Alliance , an organization that aims to defeat the condition, which accounts for over 25 % of all deaths of children under the age group of five across Africa, affects over 50 million women that are pregnant and is in charge of 10 % of most maternal mortalities every year, U.N. News Centre reports . During World Malaria Day 2008, the U.N. The 26-nation ALMA coalition said that previously 12 months only at least 90 million long-lasting, insecticidal mosquito nets had been delivered in Africa, and overall 200 million such nets have already been distributed to 400 million people in sub-Saharan Africa, where virtually all malaria deaths occur, based on the U.N.But don’t drink much more than a cup of milk a day. 2. Reduce sugar intake for effective acne diet This is not completely proved scientifically, but many doctors claim that excessive sugar can make acne even worse. Chocolates, sweets and carbonated drinks contain sugar. Try to lessen them, if not really illuminate completely. 3. Fish oil really helps to stop acne Eat more fish. Not merely it is generally best for your health, but Omega 3 fats found in fish are crucial for healthy acne and pores and skin prevention. Best resources of Omega 3 are salmon, tuna and cod. Alternatively, you may take fat as a supplement seafood.