A surprisingly large numbers of Americans over one in four believe so.

An exact wording of the queries can be found here. Too many are ‘undecided’ Rasmussen Reports further noted: But probably more unsettling to supporters of constitutional checks and balances is the finding that 43 percent of Democrats believe the president should have the correct to ignore the courts. Only 35 percent of voters in President Obama’s party disagree, compared to 81 percent of Republicans and 67 percent of voters not affiliated with either main party.Carmine – Red coloring made from bugs . Very common in candies, frozen pops, ice cream, fruit fillings, yogurt, pudding and bottled juices. Clarifying Agent – Animal-based . Used to create liquids clear. Dextrose – Animal bones may be used to filter it. Diglyceride – Animal , vegetable. Baked items, peanut butter, nicotine gum, whipped topping, sweets, beverages, ice shortening and creams. Dough Conditioner – Glyceryl monostearate, potassium bromate, locust bean gum, monocalcium sulfate, benzoyl peroxide and calcium sulfate. Watch out for azodicarbonamide and anti-foaming agents also.