A FRESH Treatment for Prostate Cancer?

Research show that the more surgeries the physician has performed, the less the chance of incontinence and salvage treatment. While not as ideal as some hopeful individuals see it, minimally invasive radical prostatectomy is an excellent treatment choice for prostate cancer patients. Of course each patient is different and with respect to the prostate tumor advancement along with the health and age of the patient, the doctor will put together the very best treatment regimen, which will usually contain a combined mix of available treatments including medical procedures, radiation, and hormonal treatment.. A FRESH Treatment for Prostate Cancer? The most typical prostate cancer treatment is complete surgical removal of the complete prostate gland, a procedure which can leave many men with annoying side effects.All study drugs were given by the sponsor. All the authors vouch for the precision and completeness of the data and the fidelity of the analysis to the protocol. Statistical Analysis We estimated that 2456 sufferers would need to undergo randomization at the 200 study centers to ensure at the least 2234 sufferers who could possibly be evaluated in order to supply the research with a power of 90 percent to determine the noninferiority of the hazard ratio for exacerbation among patients in the glucocorticoid-withdrawal group, in comparison with the glucocorticoid-continuation group, with a one-sided alpha level of 0.025 and an anticipated dropout rate of 15 percent per year.